Dance Filthy is almost here!!!!

Dance Filthy is one of Sydney's favourite nights! We invite performers from all over Australia to join the elite showcase. This is a night to remember. You can see some of our elite showcase performances by purchasing a downloadable video from our videos section of this store.

When you arrive at Dance Filthy you can expect to see pole dancers feeding each other Nutella onstage and if you are lucky, they might even offer you some or just smear it all over you ;)

Here is the Pole Dance Academy teacher show:

The entries for the amateur and professional divisions of Dance Filthy will close in 13 days so make sure you get yours in to have the chance to be a part of this amazing show.

There are no rules in this comp which makes it even more fun. 

So far in our special guest elite division we have:
Eva Bembo
Michelle Shimmy
Maddie Sparkle
Daisy Adelle Bastick
Amy Hazel
Lou Landers
Gracie Buntine
Coco AKA Rachel Yahtzee
Chris Talbot AKA Blue Phoenix 
Lisa Dee
Amber Ray
Coco AKA Rachel Yahtzee
Carlie Hunter
and more to be announce very soon!!!! If you want to be a part of this amazing show make sure you put your entry in for amateur or pro at
To check out workshops at Pole Dance Academy on Dance Filthy weekend Click here:…/1dpoVFD2VvPildxm872HFN43Q_Z…/edit…