Resistance Band Stretches with Maddie Sparkle

Resistance Band Stretches with Maddie Sparkle

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In this tutorial Maddie will take you through her favourite stretches with resistance bands. You will need a resistance band and something to attached it to like a pole or bar. You can order resistance bands from our online store. Make sure you are in a warm place when attempting these stretches. If it is your first time using resistance bands make sure you stretch very gently and push slowly. These stretches might take a little getting used to so push gently in the beginning to test how your body responds. Drink lots of water after stretching to help your body recover.

Remember to listen to your body and if anything feels too intense just skip it. At the end of this tutorial Maddie demonstrates some more advanced exercises with the band like a forearm stand. Please note that in order to do a forearm stand with the band you will need to be very confident in a free standing forearm stand. If you have not attempted forearm stands with out a resistance band before do not attempt this exercise. Maddie will be releasing a tutorial on forearm stands very soon so you can start with the basics.

These exercises have really helped Maddie with her flexibility and we hope they help you too! Her new best friend is the resistance band! You can take it anywhere! If you want to share your progress with Maddie just hashtag #gettingflexywithMaddieSparkle

Push yourself to your own personal best. You can pause the video to stay on one stretch for longer periods of time if you need to. Remember to stretch slowly and only when warm.

Have fun!

Downloads take approx 8-20 mins depending on your internet speed.

This video is 22 mins and 44 secs. It is an introduction to stretching with resistance bands for beginners to pre advanced levels. There will be an advanced video coming soon!

Always Consult Your doctor before beginning any new exercise regimen. The information on this website is not intended to prevent, diagnose or treat any medical condition or disease. If you experience any discomfort or pain please consult your doctor immediately. Pole Dance Academy Pty Ltd and Maddie Sparkle can not be liable for any claims for injuries or damages resulting from this video.